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4.1     The institution evaluates success with respect to student achievement including, as appropriate, consideration of course completion, state licensing examinations, and job placement rates. (Student achievement)

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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this federal requirement as demonstrated by student achievement evaluations related to the College’s mission in the areas of course completion, state licensing examinations, and job placement rates. The North Carolina Community College System (NCCSC) Critical Success Factors Annual Report shows evidence of annual evaluations of these Performance Measures and Standards.


FTCC's Mission Statement is clearly defined and published in the College Catalog, Student Handbook, and on the College's website.

FTCC evaluates student achievement according to the requirements of the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) Performance Measure and Standards. The NCCCS Performance Measures and Standards, instituted for the 58 system community colleges. These eight measures are considered to be the core indicators of student success within the North Carolina Community Colleges. FTCC reports its information as an accountability measure to the Board of Trustees, advisory committees, faculty, staff, and students.

FTCC’s Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Office publishes the most recent student success measures on the College’s Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment website in the annual FTCC Catalog and in the FTCC Fact Book. Additionally, the NCCCS publishes the student success measures for each community college in the annual statewide report for Critical Success Factors. Course completion, performance on licensure examinations, and pass rates in developmental courses are three of the eight NCCCS performance measures.

Consideration of Course Completion

FTCC monitors course completion rates by tracking the performance of students enrolled in Basic Skills and students enrolled in developmental courses.  Developmental students who advance to the subsequent college-level courses are compared academically to the non-developmental students in the same classes.  The NCCCS standard states that 80 percent of the developmental students will achieve at the same level or higher than their non-developmental counterparts.  FTCC achieved an 81 percent for this standard in the 2009 Critical Success Factors Report. (Critical Success Factor Report)

Per the NCCCS Performance Measures and Standards, at least 75 percent of students who complete a developmental course must score a “C” or higher for each course.  Sixty-six percent of FTCC's students made a "C" or higher in the 2007-2009 cohort (CSF Report).  An action plan was developed to improve the performance of students in future semesters. The Plan included (1) hiring a division chair for Developmental Studies who began working in the Spring 2010 semester and (2) monitoring developmental student successes via assessment plans.

The retention of all students (including those who graduated) is measured. The system standard states that 65 percent of the fall semester cohort (fall semester students enrolled in a degree, diploma, or certificate program) will be enrolled the subsequent fall semester or will have completed their programs. The 2007-2008 data for this measure reveals that FTCC has a retention and graduation rate of 67 percent compared to the system average of 69 percent. (CSF Report)

FTCC’s Basic Skills students meet all standards set by the NCCCS, which requires that 75 percent of the students will show progress within a level of literacy, will complete a level entered or a predetermined goal, or will complete a level entered and show advancement to a higher level. The most recent performance data for FTCC Basic Skills students revealed that 91 percent met the standards for progress.

Success on Licensure Examinations

External licensure examinations provide a measure of FTCC student success.  NCCCS annually monitors all FTCC programs that have external licensure.  This information is included in the Critical Success Factors report.  The System Office requires 80 percent of FTCC students to pass the licensure exam.  For FTCC to receive an exceptional rating, all students must score a 70 percent or higher on the exams.  For the 2007-2008 student cohort, FTCC was rated exceptional with a 90 percent pass rate. (CSF Report)

Each year, FTCC compares student performance on licensure exams against measures reported during the previous three years.  If the pass rates do not meet or exceed NCCCS standards, the program faculty and staff must develop a plan for improving the pass rates.  This plan is included as a measurable outcome for the upcoming assessment cycle.  FTCC monitors these assessment plans on an annual basis in an effort to increase scores (Associate Degree Nursing example) during the next reporting cycle.

Job Placement

The Cooperative Education Office staff works closely with students seeking co-operative education experiences. The co-op program includes numerous activities to help students acquire hands-on job experience and job-seeking skills.  Co-op experiences often lead to the first job upon graduation.

The Basic Skills/HRD Division of Continuing Education provides assistance to current students and graduates on résumé preparation and job preparation skills.  Many of the curriculum instructors in the career and technical programs at FTCC include job seeking skills in their courses.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (IEA) compiles an annual Job Placement Report to assist the College community with documentation of evaluation data to assess curriculum effectiveness and to maintain graduates' job placement rates.  To facilitate the process and produce the Job Placement Report, the IEA Office conducts an annual follow-up survey of FTCC graduates (survey template) to obtain current information on the most recent graduate placements including type of employer, geographic location, and annual salaries.  This data is also integrated into FTCC’s program review process and discussed by the Board of Trustees and the program advisory committees.

The Career Center maintains contact with prospective employers and posts their job openings to assist FTCC graduates.  The Career Center also coordinates annual College Transfer Days with local four-year colleges and universities to assist FTCC graduates.

The Small Business Center coordinates two career days annually, one for Health Programs and one for other career/vocational programs.  The Small Business Center, the Director of Occupational Education, and the college recruiters also assist with community job fairs to help FTCC’s students meet and network with employers and secure related employment.

NCCCS collects data from each of its member colleges, including FTCC, and from other organizations participating in the North Carolina Common Follow-up System (CFS). As stated in the NCCCS Critical Success Factors report, the CFS is a cooperative venture of participating state agencies under the auspices of the North Carolina State Occupational Information Coordinating Committee, which is maintained by the Employment Security Commission. The CFS is an effective and cost-efficient method of collecting follow-up information for education, employment, and training program participants statewide. FTCC’s most recent performance measurement data (graduate employment rates) indicates that 84 percent of graduates are employed within three months of their last dates of attendance. FTCC uses data from the CFS and the Critical Success Factor Report, in conjunction with assessment and program review, to ensure continued accountability and quality improvements for student learning and student success.

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