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3.7.1     The institution employs competent faculty members qualified to accomplish the mission and goals of the institution. When determining acceptable qualifications of its faculty, an institution gives primary consideration to the highest earned degree in the discipline. The institution also considers competence, effectiveness, and capacity, including, as appropriate, undergraduate and graduate degrees, related work experiences in the field, professional licensure and certifications, honors and awards, continuous documented excellence in teaching, or other demonstrated competencies and achievements that contribute to effective teaching and student learning outcomes. For all cases, the institution is responsible for justifying and documenting the qualifications of its faculty. (See Commission guidelines “Faculty Credentials.”) (Faculty competence)

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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this comprehensive standard.  FTCC employs competent faculty members who contribute to the success of student learning outcomes. The hiring procedures are documented in the Employment and Affirmative Action Manual.


FTCC employs qualified and competent full-time and part-time faculty members who are essential to executing the College's mission and institutional goals. Consistent with the Commission on College’s Faculty Credentials Guidelines and as described in the College’s Faculty Handbook II-6.4 Qualification Requirements for Faculty, FTCC hires faculty based on academic credentials, and/or work-based experiences that indicate mastery of the subject content, ensure program integrity, and transfer of courses. Credentials for all full-time and part-time curriculum faculty are entered into the FTCC credential database. The following semesters are included in the database: Fall 2008, Spring 2009, Summer 2009, Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 semesters. Hard copies of faculty credentials are maintained in the office of the Vice President of Human Resources (VPHR).

For faculty recruitment and search efforts, the College follows guidelines set forth in the NCCCS Administrative Code 23 NCAC 02C.0202 and the FTCC Employment and Affirmative Action Manual, VI-4 Employment Procedures.  To ensure consistency, the College has created a hiring procedures flowchart. The essential functions of the position are described and documented in the job announcement including minimum requirements, preferred skills and experience, and/or preferred licensures and/or certification.  The VPHR is responsible for using appropriate recruitment methods to secure a qualified and diverse candidate pool.

FTCC’s faculty hiring process, led by the academic departments, ensures that all faculty members employed have appropriately documented credentials.    The program coordinator, department chair, division chair, and/or academic dean review the applicant credentials during the hiring process.  The candidate’s written communication skills are verified through the résumé/vitae, cover letter and application.  Oral communication and technology skills are demonstrated during the interview process.  As a result of this multiple-person verification process, FTCC ensures faculty members are competent and qualified to teach within their respective curriculum areas.

The Vice President for Academic and Student Services reviews and approves the application packet and forwards a recommendation for hire to the President.

Supporting Documentation

# Source Location
1 Mission

2 Institutional Goals

3 Commission on College's Faculty Credentials Guidelines

4 Faculty Handbook II-6.4 Qualification Requirements for Faculty

5 Credentials

6 FTCC Credential Database

7 NCCCS Administrative Code
23 NCAC 02C.0202

8 VI-4 Employment Procedures

9 Hiring Procedures Flowchart

10 Job Announcement

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