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3.7.5     The institution publishes policies on the responsibility and authority of faculty in academic and governance matters. (Faculty role in governance)

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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this comprehensive standard. Faculty responsibility and authority in academic and governance matters are widely published online and in printed documents. Policies allow for the establishment of councils, committees and organizations comprised of faculty and staff to ensure continuous quality improvement.


The College’s councils, committees, and organizations provide “a means whereby the faculty, staff, support personnel, and student body may effectively make contributions to the decision making process of the College”  The President appoints faculty, staff and students to the academic quality committees for a two- to five-year term except for the College Assembly elected by peers. 

Faculty and staff are notified of assignments in the fall semester and initially meet to review charters and elect their officers.  Immediately following the election of committee officers, the President facilitates the election of Steering Committee officers comprised of the chairs of the various councils, committees, and organizations.  The President also presents the Steering Committee Charter.

The authority of the councils, committees and organizations is exercised through active participation in the proposal of recommendations to the Steering Committee regarding governance and academic matters.  Recommendations, approved by the Steering Committee, are submitted for the President’s consideration.  Upon the President’s approval, procedural changes are implemented.  Policy changes, supported by the President, are presented to the Board of Trustees for their consideration (governance proposal example).

In regards to academic matters, faculty initiates quality improvements in the curriculum programs.  Faculty recommend changes to their department and division chair who submit the recommendation to the Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) for evaluation.  Approved changes are forwarded to the Vice President for Academic and Student Services for approval (curriculum proposal example).

Supporting Documentation

# Source Location

College's Councils, Committees, and Organizations

2 Charters

3 Steering Committee Charter

4 Governance Proposal (Example)

5 Curriculum Proposal (Example)

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