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3.4.1     The institution demonstrates that each educational program for which academic credit is awarded is approved by the faculty and the administration. (Academic program approval)

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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this comprehensive standard by ensuring that faculty and staff are included in the curriculum approval process for each educational program.  The Curriculum Review Committee is comprised of faculty and staff and considers all applications for new courses and programs.


At Fayetteville Technical Community College, the faculty and administration approve each educational program that awards academic credit using a curriculum approval process, which includes timely reporting of substantive changes.  FTCC faculty and staff have previously approved 78 associate degree programs that require students to complete at least 60 credit hours. The College adheres to the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) Curriculum Standards in setting minimum and maximum semester credit hours for degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

Before a new FTCC course can be added, a course number changed, or a course description rewritten, the Curriculum Committee and the Associate Vice President for Curriculum Programs must complete a copy of the form “Application for Course/Curriculum Change” in accordance with the FTCC Faculty Handbook. The FTCC Faculty Handbook also states that the curriculum course content must relate directly to the curriculum of which it is a part.

FTCC faculty and staff rely heavily upon experts within the field to provide advice and recommendations regarding the content of each curriculum/program.  Advisory Committees meet multiple times per year to provide their recommendations for curriculum/program improvements.

The Administrative Procedures Manual contains information on procedures of the Curriculum Review Committee, which is a part of the College Assembly.

Academic quality is also monitored through the program review process of FTCC.

Supporting Documentation

# Source Location
1 Curriculum Review Committee

2 FTCC Curriculum Approval Process

3 NCCCS Curriculum Standards

4 Application for Course/Curriculum Change Form

5 FTCC Faculty Handbook
II-12 Course Changes

6 FTCC Faculty Handbook
II-9 (1)

7 Advisory Committees

8 Recommendations

9 Administrative Procedures Manual

Program Review

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