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3.5.2     At least 25 percent of the credit hours required for the degree are earned through instruction offered by the institution awarding the degree. In the case of undergraduate degree programs offered through joint, cooperative, or consortia arrangements, the student earns 25 percent of the credits required for the degree through instruction offered by the participating institutions. (See Commission policy “The Transfer or Transcripting of Academic Credit.”) (Institutional credits for a degree)


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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this comprehensive standard. To be eligible for graduation, students must complete a minimum of 25 percent of resident credit at FTCC.


FTCC students must complete a minimum of 25 percent of resident credit to be eligible to receive a degree. This requirement is available to students in both the FTCC Catalog and FTCC Student Handbook.

The electronic degree audit in Datatel® is used to determine student eligibility for graduation. Student Eval in Datatel® ensures all candidates for graduation have completed the required 25 percent or more resident credit. To accommodate the graduation verification process, students are encouraged to apply for graduation one to two semesters prior to completing graduation requirements.   Students not meeting the 25 percent credit-hour residency requirement are not allowed to graduate.

FTCC instructional service agreements allow for ease of community college transfer of credit due to a state-wide system and a combined common course library for all North Carolina Community Colleges.

Transfer courses are identified on the FTCC transcript by the course name, number, credit hours, and transferring institution.

Supporting Documentation

# Source Location
1 FTCC College Catalog

2 FTCC Student Handbook

3 Degree Audit

4 Student Eval

5 Graduation Application

FTCC Student Transcript

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