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4.4     Program length is appropriate for each of the institution’s educational programs. (Program length)

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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this federal requirement. Basic parameters for the length and mastery of programs of study are established by the North Carolina Administrative Code and reflected in the statewide Curriculum Standards published by the North Carolina Community College System Office.


The North Carolina Administrative Code (NCAC) in 23 NCAC 02E.0204 stipulates parameters for the length of all academic programs and establishes curriculum standards for the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS). NCAC also requires the establishment of a Combined Course Library (CCL), which standardizes course length and content for all community colleges.

All Fayetteville Technical Community College degree programs follow the NCCCS guidelines, identified as curriculum standards, for inclusion of required and recommended courses, course numbering, and credit hours.  The NCCCS guidelines also specify the range of credit hours to be included in a degree program of study.    The department chairs/faculty and deans present all program changes to the College’s Curriculum Review Committee.

Indirect measures of the effectiveness of program lengths may be inferred through the 2008 NCCCS Critical Success Factors, employer survey, results of program reviews, or outcomes of the annual assessment plans. Program length information is specified in the College Catalog located on the website.  Student educational plans may be accessed through web advisor or the FTCC website.  Both resources aid students in planning and sequencing academic schedules.

Supporting Documentation

# Source Location

23 NCAC 02E .0204
Course and Standards for
Curriculum Programs


2 Curriculum Standards http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

3 Combined Course Library (CCL) http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

4 Curriculum Standards http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

5 Program of Study http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

6 Present All Program Changes http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

7 Curriculum Review Committee http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

8 2008 NCCCS Critical Success Factors http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

9 Employer Survey http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

10 Results of Program Reviews http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

11 Outcomes of the Annual Assessment Plans http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

12 College Catalog http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

13 Student Education Plans http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

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