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3.4.5     The institution publishes academic policies that adhere to principles of good educational practice. These are disseminated to students, faculty, and other interested parties through publications that accurately represent the programs and services of the institution. (Academic policies)


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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this comprehensive standard.  New or revised policies and procedures are disseminated electronically to all users by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (IEA) and updated on the IEA website.


The College has a well-defined process for recommendations for new or revised policies; however, only the Board of Trustees can make policy. All suggestions for new or revised procedures, including academic procedures, can be researched, written, and championed by any faculty or staff member. The final approval, denial, or revision rests with FTCC's Executive Council and the President.

Standing, Academic Quality,  and Ad-hoc Committees (comprised of faculty and staff) may propose a new policy or procedure by routing the recommendation through the following: from the originating committee to the Faculty or Staff Council, then to the College Assembly, and finally to the Steering Council. After a recommendation has been reviewed and approved, the Steering Council presents the recommendation to the Executive Council for further consideration. When the recommendation requires a new policy or revision of an existing policy, Executive Council and the President will determine the vice president will champion and submit the proposal to the Board of Trustees. When the recommendation is a procedure (academic or otherwise), the Executive Council will approve, deny, or route the recommendation to a specific College division for the process of approval, denial, or further study.

The Council for Academic and Student Services (CASS) reviews recommendations for new or revised academic procedures, work instructions, or student information proposed and championed by any faculty, staff  member, team, or committee.  The Council meets weekly for discussion items concerning topics related to the day-to-day operations of academics, continuing education and student services.  CASS maintains a focus on best practices for the efficiency and effectiveness of all operations under their direction.  CASS is also vigilant to ensure that all recommendations align with the community college mission.

CASS can initially approve, deny, table, or request further study for academic recommendations. Recommendations that impact other divisions must be presented jointly or forwarded to Executive Council for consideration.  Upon CASS approval, recommendations designated as new or needing revision will be formally prepared by the initiator and attached to a document control form for routing.  The final signature before enactment will be the President's.

After the President has signed a document control form related to a policy or procedural change, it is forwarded to the Office of IEA.  IEA staff members make necessary changes to appropriate documents, such as handbooks, manuals, guides, College Catalog, the FTCC Website, operating procedures, and college forms.  The Office of IEA also ensures that all faculty and staff members of the College are informed (via electronic announcement messages) about new or revised policies or procedures. Copies of new or revised policies are also provided to North Carolina Community College System Office pursuant to state board regulations.

As another means of distributing policy and procedure information, new students are encouraged to attend an orientation program (offered both on campus and online).  Students may also access the information in the Student Handbook (available electronically and in print).  New faculty and staff are required to attend a mandatory orientation session presented by human resources and the Executive Council and their designees. 

Supporting Documentation

# Source Location
1 Board of Trustees

2 Standing Academic Quality and
Ad-hoc Committees

3 Faculty or Staff Council

4 College Assembly

5 Steering Council

6 Executive Council

7 Council for Academic and Student Services

8 Discussion Items

9 Document Control Form

10 Electronic Announcement Messages

11 FTCC Student Handbook

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