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3.11.1     The institution exercises appropriate control over all its physical resources. (Control of physical resources)


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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this comprehensive standard. The College exercises appropriate control over its physical resources according to North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) guidelines.


Inventory control procedures are published in the NCCCS Purchasing and Equipment Procedures Manual.  These standards were established by the NCCCS, the Office of the State Auditor (OSA), and the North Carolina Department of Administration Division of Purchase and Contract.  FTCC is in compliance with the procedures as outlined in the manual, including the acquisition and disposal of property.  FTCC’s inventory control procedures are outlined in the Property Control and Central Supply section of the FTCC Administrative Procedures Manual. 

In order to maintain accountability and control of resources, FTCC’s Property Control Office conducts annual inventories.  Each inventory item is identified by a bar code with a unique number.  When appropriate, the inventory number is etched or marked on the item.  The College’s inventory control system is computerized and lists each inventory item by department/location.  The Inventory Control Reports from the College’s Capital Assets System are reconciled with the expense reports from the College’s general ledger for the purpose of reporting the College’s capital assets in the financial statements.

Annually, the College’s Property Control Office prepares an Internal Equipment Audit that is submitted to NCCCS Administrative and Facility Services.  The NCCCS reviews the results and prepares an Annual Internal Equipment Audit Summary Report NCCCS 4-14.  This report, including recommendations and comments, is forwarded to the College’s President and presented to the College’s Board of Trustees

The most recent Internal Equipment Audit and Annual Internal Equipment Audit Summary Report are from fiscal year 2008-09.  As indicated in the final column of the Internal Equipment Audit report, the College’s Capital Assets System was reconciled to general ledger expense activity with no variances noted.  In fiscal year 2008-09, two computers that cost a total of $2,713.62 were missing.  As indicated on the College’s Annual Internal Equipment Audit Summary Report from the NCCCS, the missing equipment represented .02 percent of the College’s total equipment inventory.  The College’s losses were .08 percent below the community college system average in North Carolina.  On November 16, 2009, the College reported to its Board of Trustees that the two computers reported missing on the Internal Equipment Audit were located, therefore the College had no losses for 2008-09.

OSA receives a copy of the Annual Internal Equipment Audit Summary Report issued by the NCCCS.  During financial statement audits conducted by OSA, all of the College’s capital assets are subject to audit.  The College has not received an audit exception from OSA related to its capital asset inventory practices or control measures.

The FTCC Administrative Procedures Manual states that responsibility for the College’s equipment rests initially on the College President and secondly, on the appropriate administrative officer and the Board of Trustees.  Supervisors are directly responsible for the security of equipment used in their departments.  The President’s responsibility is vested in each employee who has equipment assigned for his or her use. 

Whenever property has been damaged, lost, or stolen, appropriate measures are taken to assign responsibility for the loss and to secure reimbursement to the College for the loss.  Detailed procedures for the accountability of lost or stolen property are provided in the FTCC Administrative Procedures Manual.

College Security and the City of Fayetteville Police routinely patrol facilities on the main campus and at the Horticulture Center.  College Security and the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department provide safety and security for the Spring Lake Campus.

upporting Documentation

# Source Location

North Carolina Community College Purchasing and Equipment Procedures Manual

2 Property Control and Central Supply portion of the FTCC Administrative Procedures Manual


Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
November 16, 2009


Internal Equipment Audit


Annual Internal Equipment Audit
Summary Report


FTCC Administrative Procedures Manual
I-21.1 Property Control and Inventory


FTCC Administrative Procedures Manual
I-21.5 Loss or Theft of Equipment

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