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3.2.2     The legal authority and operating control of the institution are clearly defined for the following areas within the institution’s governance structure: (Governing board control)     institutional policy, including policies concerning related and affiliated corporate entities and all auxiliary services


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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this comprehensive standard.  The Board of Trustees of FTCC has the legal authority to establish and operate auxiliary services and does so in accordance with its clearly defined governance structure and policies.


North Carolina General Statute § 115D-14 provides for the creation of a board of trustees for each community college as a body corporate and empowers each board to “exercise such rights and privileges as may be necessary for the management and administration of the institution in accordance with the provisions and purposes of (the law governing community colleges).”   Additional authority for college boards of trustees is derived from N.C.G.S. § 115D-20(7), which gives boards of trustees broad authority to adopt and enforce reasonable rules, regulations, and by-laws for the government and operation of the institutions, provided those rules do not conflict with the regulations of the State Board of Community Colleges.

North Carolina General Statute § 115D-14 grants the Board of Trustees legal authority to operate auxiliary services to support the statutory mission of the college, namely, the “offering of vocational and technical education and training … for students….”  General Statute § 115D-1.  In order to accomplish this mission, the Board of Trustees reviews and approves the annual budget and revisions.

The Board delegates day-to-day operations of auxiliary services to the President who, in turn, delegates control to the appropriate vice president.  Auxiliary services at FTCC provide support to students, staff, and programs. These services include those provided by the bookstore, cafeteria, child care center and security. Financial oversight of FTCC auxiliary services is centralized under the Vice President for Business and Finance who is responsible for administering all business and financial transactions of the institution. Day-to-day administrative operations of auxiliary services are assigned as follows:

  • The Vice President for Academic and Student Services is responsible for the operation of the College’s child care facility. 

  • The Vice President for Administrative Services is responsible for the operation of the College’s Print Shop and Security Services. 

  • The Vice President for Business and Finance is responsible for the operation of the College’s bookstore and administration and monitoring of agreements with vending and food service providers.

Each of these entities operates in accordance with the College’s policies and procedures as established in the Administrative Procedures Manual.

Except as disclosed in the College’s response to Comprehensive Standard, the College does not operate affiliated corporate entities.

Supporting Documentation

# Source Location
1 G.S. § 115D-14

2 G.S. § 115D-20(7)

3 G.S. § 115D-1

4 Revisions

5 Administrative Procedures Manual

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