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3.4.9     The institution provides appropriate academic support services. (Academic support services)

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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this comprehensive standard. The College provides comprehensive academic support services to students and faculty that are consistent with the institutional mission and purpose statements, enhance the educational experience for students, and contribute to achievement and measurements of appropriate student learning outcomes.  Academic support services are designed to strengthen the intended outcomes of educational programs.  The College offers support services that include, but are not limited to, counseling services, tutoring in the success center, special populations assistance, full library services, appropriate laboratories and support and maintenance of equipment in the labs, appropriate information technologies, and one-on-one student advising by qualified faculty members.  To systematically measure academic support services  an annual  survey is conducted  and each support service area develops an assessment plan that includes intended outcomes, findings, and action plans for continuous improvement.


FTCC provides comprehensive academic support services that meet the needs of students and faculty. Dissemination of these services occurs via the institutional website and College publications. These services are included in Student Handbook that are made available to students at orientation and during registration. Updates to academic services are posted on the official copy of the student handbook, which is in Report2Web® and linked to numerous locations on the FTCC website. Students and faculty can access the official copy on the website.

All academic support services are evaluated annually by survey to measure performance frequency of customer use. The official survey results are maintained with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (OIEA) and shared with faculty and staff as a catalyst for continuous quality improvement.

FTCC operates a Success Center, provides full library services, media services, and provides a comprehensive array of student service activities to assist students with their academic success. Additionally, the College provides staffed computer labs for students, faculty, and staff. High levels of customer service and support remains a high priority for all employees of the College.

The Paul H. Thompson Library provides excellent facilities available to students who provide proof of registration, such as a current FTCC ID card.  The library collection includes over 67,000 volumes of books, 279 magazine subscriptions, and 8 different electronic databases that contain literally thousands of magazine and newspaper articles. All electronic databases are available on designated computers on campus, while six databases can be accessed from off campus.  The Automated Catalog (CCLINC), accessible from the library’s homepage, is the guide to the main campus library’s collection of books and audiovisual materials and is also a window to library collections at 43 other North Carolina Community Colleges.  

FTCC uses numerous technological advances to advance the delivery of academic support services. A Student Resources web page guides students to curricular and College resources, such as online class assistance and financial aid. The WebAdvisor® provides students access to registration, financial aid, transcripts, and other academic support services. Kiosks (Student Services Computer Stations) are available on campus for students to use for registration, email, and access to WebAdvisor®.

As an open-door institution, the College uses the ACCUPLACER as an instrument to ensure students are properly placed in college-level courses including developmental education. Three levels of developmental courses are offered in English and reading, and four levels of mathematics courses.

Every curriculum student is assigned an academic advisor who can provide referrals to appropriate academic support services to ensure student success.

FTCC continues to look for opportunities to strengthen academic programs and ensure the success of students and faculty in meeting the institutional goals, general education core competencies and mission/purpose.

Supporting Documentation

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