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2.7.1     The institution offers one or more degree programs based on at least 60 semester credit hours or the equivalent at the associate level; at least 120 semester credit hours or the equivalent at the baccalaureate level; or at least 30 semester credit hours or the equivalent at the post-baccalaureate, graduate, or professional level. If an institution uses a unit other than semester credit hours, it provides an explanation for the equivalency. The institution also provides a justification for all degrees that include fewer than the required number of semester credit hours or its equivalent unit. (Program Length)


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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this core requirement by offering a total of 78 associate degree programs that require students to complete at least 60 credit hours. The College adheres to the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) Curriculum Standards in setting minimum and maximum semester credit hours for degrees, diplomas, and certificates.


Fayetteville Technical Community College offers 55 Associate in Applied Science degree programs varying in length from 64 to 76 semester credit hours. Additionally, FTCC offers three college transfer degree programs with a minimum degree completion requirement of 65 semester credit hours, one associate in arts transfer degree program, one associate in science transfer degree program, and one associate in fine arts transfer degree program.  FTCC also offers an associate in general education with a minimum of 65 semester credit hours required.

As a member of the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS), the College conforms to the minimum and maximum course lengths specified by the State Board of Community Colleges in the NCCCS Curriculum Standards for all curriculum programs. Curriculum Standards for all FTCC Programs of Study mandated program lengths. Specific program length is published in the College’s Catalog and is posted on the FTCC web site. The 64-semester-hour minimum governs all new programs, and the Curriculum Committee monitors the program locally, with the state system monitoring through the NCCCS Curriculum Review Committee.  All new programs will require State Board approval. In addition to the continual cognizance of faculty and staff regarding credit-hour requirements and limitations, FTCC requires each program of study be subjected to an extensive Annual Program Review and assessment process. Information on the Annual Program Review is available in FTCC’s Strategic Plan and Planning Guide.

The NCCCS will not approve any new program of study that does not comply with program lengths specified by the State Board of Community Colleges.  These mandated program lengths are depicted in each approved NCCCS Curriculum Standard

Supporting Documentation

# Source Location
1 NCCCS Curriculum Standards

2 FTCC Programs of Study

3 FTCC College Catalog

4 FTCC Website

5 NCCCS Curriculum Review Committee

6 State Board, Curriculum Procedures Reference Manual, Section 3

7 Annual Program Review

8 Assessment Process

9 Strategic Plan

10 Planning Guide

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