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3.2.10     The institution evaluates the effectiveness of its administrators on a periodic basis. (Administrative staff evaluations)


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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this comprehensive standard. The President of Fayetteville Technical Community College and all administrators are evaluated on an annual basis.


The Board of Trustees evaluates the President of Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) on an annual basis in accordance with North Carolina Administrative Code (23 NCAC 02C 0209).  The president’s evaluation is conducted and approved by the Board of Trustees at the March board meeting. As required by law, the President’s evaluation is forwarded to the North Carolina Community College System office.

Each year, the President of FTCC evaluates the Executive Council, which consists of the vice presidents.

Prior to fall 2009, supervisors annually evaluated all administrators in all divisions of the College. Individual conferences were held with the employee and the supervisor to discuss the evaluation and Professional Development Plan to their supervisor.

During the summer 2009, the Performance Evaluation Review Team conducted a national review of literature and best practices to develop a new performance evaluation process.  This process is outlined in the Performance Appraisal Manual with the implementation date of January 2010.  Results of the evaluation will be used as needed to develop plans for the ensuing year.

Supporting Documentation

# Source Location

Evaluation of Presidents
North Carolina Administrative Code, Title 23, Chapter 2 Subchapter C, Section .0209


President’s Evaluation Form

3 March Board Meeting Minutes


Annual Evaluations and
Professional Development Plans


Performance Evaluation Review Team

6 Performance Appraisal Manual

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