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4.6     Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution’s practices and policies. (Recruitment materials)


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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this federal requirement as demonstrated by the accuracy of recruitment materials that are continually reviewed and updated by the responsible departments, divisions and administrative personnel. This process ensures accurate representation of the College’s practices, policies, and academic programs. All recruitment material must be approved by the office of Vice President for Institutional Advancement before release to the public to ensure consistency and quality of the material released to the general public.


Recruitment information used by the College includes the FTCC website,  College Catalog, recruitment brochure, College Connections brochure, and the  Student Handbook.  Additional publications, such as flyers, financial aid handbooks, and a recruitment DVD/video, are used in special presentations made at local community and high school events such as “college days”, “career days”, classroom presentations, and FTCC campus tours. Recruiters, faculty, and staff market the College's programs throughout the service delivery area.
Enrollment packets contain the FTCC application, transcript request forms, financial aid information, and brochures on the Accuplacer® assessment. Upon request, these documents are available electronically or by mail.

FTCC marketing and recruitment executions are extensive. Recruitment information is available on the FTCC College website. College graduate success stories are included on the North Carolina Community College System website. Other media include billboards, newspapers, and public broadcasting. Recruitment brochures are available on campus and at over 100 locations in the service delivery area.

The catalog, student handbook, and financial aid information are reviewed and revised regularly.  Faculty, staff and students are directed to the College’s website for the official version of each document.

FTCC has a dedicated group of student ambassadors who promote and assist in marketing and recruitment activities.   The Ambassadors are trained by and report to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

The primary recruitment publication for Continuing Education is a course schedule published each semester. Additional publications, such as flyers, posters, economic development materials, and newspapers, are used as needed. Information specific to Continuing Education offerings is also provided on the College's website and in other public media.

upporting Documentation

# Source Location
1 FTCC Website http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

2 FTCC College Catalog http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

3 Recruitment Brochure http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

4 College Connections Brochure http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

5 Student Handbook http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

6 Recruitment DVD/Video http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

7 Recruiters http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

8 North Carolina Community College System website http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

(See Bookmarks)

9 Public Media (Billboard Example) http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

10 Student Ambassadors http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

11 Continuing Education Course Schedule http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

12 Economic Development Materials http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

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