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3.4.12     The institution’s use of technology enhances student learning and is appropriate for meeting the objectives of its programs. Students have access to and training in the use of technology. (Technology use)


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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this comprehensive standard. The College provides access to a variety of technologies that enhance student learning outcomes and enable faculty to develop additional competencies in the use of technology.  Students are provided ample opportunities to acquire necessary training in the use of technological resources in all academic programs at the College. Employees of the college are provided many professional development opportunities throughout the year to enhance their use of technology.


FTCC is committed to continuously improving and deploying new technologies that will assist students in meeting their academic program competencies.  The FTCC Technology Plan promotes the effective use of technologies that will continue to facilitate, enhance, and support the teaching and learning processes for students. These technologies prepare students to be competitive in the global workforce.

The Vice President for Learning Technologies and the Vice President for Academic and Student Services work together in the identification, testing, and adoption of new technologies. The Technology Plan is used to ensure the technologies will continue to enhance student learning outcomes.  Additionally, the Technology and Distance Education Committee encourages faculty and staff to submit recommendations for new technologies.

The College’s procurement process provides a method for identifying, evaluating, purchasing and deploying new technologies necessary to keep pace with the ongoing advancements in both hardware and software. 

Management Information Services (MIS) is responsible for the technology infrastructure and hardware support of the College, under the direct supervision of the Vice-President for Administrative Services.  The MIS department periodically upgrades the College’s computing hardware, college-wide software, and local area network.  Recently, the MIS department acquired and deployed wireless internet access to assist students in their research and studies. 

Policies and general usage guidelines for use of computer hardware and software are available to students via the Student Handbook and to faculty and staff via the Administrative Procedures Manual (I-23.10.3).

The College uses a variety of technologies to assist in the delivery of courses and support faculty and staff including, but not limited to, the following:

Professional Development in the use of technologies is provided through the offices of the Vice President of Learning Technologies and Vice President of Human Resources. Required courses for faculty include Blackboard Bootcamp and  Effective Online Teacher Training.

Training in the use of technologies is provided to students beginning at admission to the College. Each student is assigned a unique user name and password that are used to access email accounts, Blackboard®-supported courses and Datatel WebAdvisor®.  These unique user names and passwords ensure the college remains in compliance with laws and regulations associated with electronic authentication

All students are encouraged to take the required Study Skills Course (ACA) during their first semester. This course includes computer training in the use of Blackboard® and Datatel WebAdvisor®.  All degree and diploma programs include a course in computer technology.  Computer literacy is one of the core competencies of the College that is measured annually as part of our College Assessment process.

The College demonstrates its fulfillment to meeting the technological needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Supporting Documentation

# Source Location
1 FTCC Technology Plan

2 Technology and Distance Education Committee Charter

3 Procurement Process

4 Wireless Internet Access

5 Student Handbook
Policies for General Usage Guidelines

6 Administrative Procedures Manual I-23.10.3
General Acceptable Usage Guidelines

7 North Carolina Information Highway (NCIH)

8 Blackboard® Learning System

9 Interactive 3-Dimensional (i3D)

10 Elluminate®

11 Redwood Report2Web® Document Repository

12 Media Services Department

13 WEAVEonline® Assessment Management System

14 Open Labs

15 Virtual Lab

16 Datatel WebAdvisor®

17 Clickers

18 Medical Simulation Mannequins

19 Assistive Technology for ADA Students

20 Professional Development

21 Required Courses

22 Electronic Authentication

23 Computer Training

24 Core Competencies

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