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3.8.1     The institution provides facilities and learning/information resources that are appropriate to support its teaching, research, and service mission. (Learning/information resources)

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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this comprehensive standard. FTCC provides facilities, media and computing services, and learning/information resources adequate and appropriate to learning and support services. FTCC does not have research as part of its mission.


Library services for FTCC students are located in the Paul H. Thompson Library, the Spring Lake Library and the John L. Throckmorton Library on Fort Bragg.  Resource support services are available in the Harry F. Shaw Virtual College Center, Advanced Technology Center, Health Technology Center, Horticulture Educational Center, Continuing Education Center, the Soldier Development Center on Ft. Bragg and the Spring Lake Campus. 

The Paul H. Thompson Library, located on Main Campus, provides 36,000 square feet of space and houses a collection of over 67,000 volumes of books, 279 magazine subscriptions, and 11 electronic indexes.  Library hours are adequate for access by students and faculty.  Qualified staff, sufficient in number, are available to assist users at all times and regularly communicate with faculty, staff and students to share information, solicit requests, and reply promptly to their information or research needs.  Students can easily access the Library’s electronic databases by visiting, calling, or e-mailing the library for passwords.

The Spring Lake Branch Library, adjacent to the Spring Lake Campus (SLC) on Laketree Boulevard, provides support to students and access to 52,866 volumes of books, over 15,000 videos, audiotapes, computers and WiFi.  The 12,000-square-foot facilities house a staff of twelve including three librarians.  Through a Memorandum of Agreement, one full-time librarian is assigned to assist SLC students and faculty. 

The John L. Throckmorton Library, located on Randolph Street on Fort Bragg, supports the instructional needs of FTCC students at Fort Bragg locations.  Students have access to over 100,000 volumes of books, an Academic Learning Center with 10 computers, and a variety of resources that include reference, research, interlibrary loan and support for the Fort Bragg Community.  Three librarians are available to support student learning outcomes for students on Fort Bragg.

The Success Center, located in the Harry F. Shaw Virtual College Center (VCC) on the College’s main campus, is an additional learning resource designed to provide educational support services to students enrolled in the College’s curriculum (college credit) or developmental studies courses.  Success Center instructors provide individualized and supplemental instruction to students.  Instructors also guide students in the use of the many resources available in the Center, including small group instruction rooms, course-specific computer software, audiovisual aids, and printed materials.

Media Services, located in VCC, provides state-of-the-art digital video, audio, and photographic technology hardware and software.  Available services include scripting, shooting, editing video for CD and DVD development and distribution and photographic services for Web page development and marketing of FTCC programs. Media Services provides audio/visual support for video conferencing and two-way interactive video classes in support of FTCC’s Distance Learning initiative and support for face-to-face instruction on site and at remote campus locations.  Additional media services and the forms to request service can be found on the Media Services website.

The Interactive 3D Design Center (i3D) is dedicated to implementing leading-edge i3D and virtual reality solutions for education, economic, and workforce development.  The Center also provides assistance to the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) task force in its mission of promoting industry in the All American corridor. Six advanced visualization labs housed in the i3D Center contribute to the overall goal of more effective methods of knowledge transfer.  Funded for this purpose, the Center partners with public and private organizations including Fort Bragg/Pope AFB, BRAC Regional Task Force, Navigator Development Group, North Carolina Community College System and EON Reality to mix and match the best in innovative technology to support successful student learning outcomes.  The FTCC i3D Instructional Innovation Team, composed of faculty from Dental Assisting, Funeral Services, Criminal Justice, and other academic  programs, assist in the development of i3D applications for classroom instruction. The Team's Charter describes their other responsibilities.

The FTCC Open Computing Laboratories provide technology support to students and are available at six locations—Advanced Technology Center, Health Technology Center, Continuing Education Center, Horticulture Educational Center, Soldier Development Center at Fort Bragg, and the Spring Lake Campus.  Students have access to Blackboard, word processing and other software applications to assist them with their class requirements. Laboratory facilities and learning resources are provided within the instructional areas of several departments including computer technology, drafting, electronics, machine tool technology, architectural technology, web technologies, automotive systems, health technologies and office systems technology. Staffing in these areas consist of faculty members or program specific laboratory technicians.

These facilities and resources support FTCC's mission. FTCC's success has been evidenced by student/faculty survey ratings. The 2008-2009 Current Student Survey and the Graduate Survey showed a satisfaction rate of 96.7 percent for “Quality of Library Resources and Services” among current students and a satisfaction rate of 98.8 percent among graduates for “Quality of Library Services.”

Supporting Documentation

# Source Location
1 Paul H. Thompson Library

2 Spring Lake Branch Library

3 Memorandum of Agreement

4 John L. Throckmorton Library

5 Success Center

6 Media Services

7 Interactive 3D Design Center (i3D)

8 BRAC Regional Task Force

9 Navigator Development Group

10 EON Reality

11 i3D Instructional Innovation Team

12 Team's Charter

13 FTCC's Mission

14 Current Student Survey

15 Graduate Survey

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