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4.2     The institution’s curriculum is directly related and appropriate to the purpose and goals of the institution and the diplomas, certificates, or degrees awarded. (Program curriculum)


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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this federal requirement.  The North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges must approve new curriculum programs through a formal application process that includes a needs assessment.  The College’s curriculum must adhere to State-mandated curriculum standards for all certificates, diplomas, and degrees awarded. 


The North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) office authorizes the College to offer curricula leading to the award of certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees as approved by the FTCC Board of Trustees.   All proposed programs must support the College’s mission and the NCCCS mission as specified in the North Carolina Administrative Code.  

The process for program approval requires an assessment of the proposed program alignment with the Institution’s mission and purpose.  All programs must follow the specifications of the NCCCS State Board Approved Curriculum Standards and the NCCCS Combined Course Library.  The State curriculum approval process provides evidence that the program of study is appropriate in length, content, level of study, and course sequence.

Program Advisory Committees provide feedback for program design and content advisement to maintain relevancy and currency of the college program of study.  Program review documents and advisory committee minutes are housed in WEAVEonline® as a part of the program’s annual assessment plan for documentation of the complete planning cycle for quality improvement.

FTCC offers noncredit courses to meet the lifelong learning needs of the community.  These offerings ensure that the College creates and sustains a learning-centered institution, as noted in the College’s Mission Statement.  The College offers courses in occupational education, customized and contract training, basic skills education, small business development and operations, adult high school education, English as a second language, compensatory education and personal enrichment to support the College mission.   

Supporting Documentation

# Source Location
1 North Carolina Community College (NCCCS) http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

2 Board of Trustees http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Link.html

3 College's Mission http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

4 North Carolina Administrative Code http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

5 Curriculum/Program Approval Process http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

6 NCCCS State Board Approved Curriculum Standards http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

7 NCCCS Combined Course Library http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

8 Program Advisory Committees http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

9 Program Design and Content Advisement http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

10 Program Advisory Committee Minutes
(Dental Hygiene)

11 Program's Annual Assessment Plan
(Dental Hygiene)

12 Noncredit Courses http://sacs.faytechcc.edu/Documents/

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