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3.4.10     The institution places primary responsibility for the content, quality, and effectiveness of the curriculum with its faculty. (Responsibility for curriculum)

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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this comprehensive standard. FTCC defines and publishes general education, program degree, certificate, and diploma requirements in the FTCC Catalog. When determining these requirements, FTCC faculty use Curriculum Standards specified by the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS). Faculty for each curriculum program annually conduct a systematic program review process designed as a quantitative and qualitative analysis. The review process also includes input from program advisory committees and an analysis of current trends in the community.


The faculty has the primary responsibility to create and/or modify curriculum content. Curricula are evaluated during the College’s annual planning cycle. This process includes the development of an annual Assessment Plan and a Program Review. The assessment plan is used by faculty to identify, measure, and improve curriculum content and delivery. 

The annual program review is designed to evaluate program descriptions, goals, objectives, relevance, efficiency, and effectiveness ratios.  The annual program review process includes the FTCC Core Competency Matrix, demonstrating  that each course supports the general education core.  This reflective examination of core competencies helps the faculty to remain focused on FTCC’s general education core in their programs.

The FTCC faculty and staff work through a documented curriculum review process to modify or upgrade programs following the NCCCS Curriculum Standard requirements.  The academic department or division chair completes an Application for Course/Curriculum Change packet to process the changes and recommendations for consensus agreement by the Curriculum Review Committee (CRC).  

After CRC review, the proposed changes and substantive change documentation are forwarded to the Vice President of Academic and Student Services for review and approval.  Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes document the proceedings. 

A system-wide review of programs through NCCCS is required for major program changes.  Faculty from the North Carolina community colleges have input through Curriculum Improvement Projects (CIP).   Subject-matter experts prepare curriculum standards, mandatory course content, minimum and maximum credit hour requirements, and general education core requirements.

FTCC’s Curriculum Data Management Office disseminates all general education and program requirements in the college Catalog maintained on the FTCC web site.  

The institution places primary accountability for the quality of the curriculum with its faculty. The Faculty Handbook addresses academic freedom and the instructor's responsibility to provide quality instruction to students.

To support continuous quality improvement in academic program areas, the College advocates professional development in the form of tuition-free courses, tuition/required fee reimbursement, faculty merit increase for educational achievement, and educational leave, return-to-industry, and specialized training.

Supporting Documentation

# Source Location
1 Annual Planning Cycle

2 Assessment Plan

3 Program Review

4 FTCC Core Competency Matrix

5 Review Process

6 Course Outlines and Syllabi

7 NCCCS Curriculum Standards

8 Application for Course/Curriculum Change

9 Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes

10 Listing of CIP Projects

11 FTCC Catalog

12 Faculty Handbook (Curriculum)

13 Tuition-Free Courses

14 Tuition/Required Fee Reimbursement

15 Faculty Merit Increase for Educational Achievement

16 Educational Leave

17 Return-to-Industry

18 Specialized Training

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