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3.4.6     The institution employs sound and acceptable practices for determining the amount and level of credit awarded for courses, regardless of format or mode of delivery. (Practices for awarding credit)

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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this comprehensive standard. Regardless of mode of delivery used for instruction, FTCC awards credit for courses as established by the State Board of Community Colleges in the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS). All college-level courses in the FTCC Catalog are taken directly from the NCCCS Combined Course Library (CCL).  The College complies with the NCCCS requirement that all course descriptions in the College Catalog match those within the CCL.  Accordingly, the NCCCS Office makes all final decisions regarding course revisions.

The College’s Curriculum Review Committee makes recommendations for course and program changes through the Associate Vice President of Curriculum, Vice President of Academic and Student Services, and the President of the College to the NCCCS Curriculum Review Committee. The College’s Curriculum Review Committee is composed of faculty, staff (including counselors), and administrators.


FTCC awards the same amount of credit for a course regardless of the mode of delivery. All courses in the FTCC Catalog are taken directly from the NCCCS Combined Course Library.  A sample listing of business courses from the FTCC Catalog is attached. 

The College complies with all policies that determine the level and amount of credit awarded for undergraduate coursework established by the State Board of Community Colleges of the NCCCS. The NCCCS complies with mandates as outlined in the North Carolina Administrative Code, Title 23, Chapter 1-General Provisions, Subchapter 1A.

FTCC offers courses in a variety of formats including 8-, 12-, and 16-week traditional day and evening face-to-face classes, web-assisted, hybrid, online, Huskins Program, and telecourse formats. All delivery formats result in equivalent credit hours, and college transcripts do not distinguish mode of delivery.

In order to ensure consistency in course content and delivery, FTCC requires all instructors to use the College’s syllabus template to create a standardized syllabus.

The NCCCS and the College adhere to standards of Special Accreditations and Associations when developing policies and procedures related to the amount and level of credit awarded for courses and programs that pertain to professional organizations.

The NCCCS Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) is responsible for approving new courses and modifications to existing courses at the State level in accordance with the Curriculum Procedures Reference Manual. At the local level, the FTCC Curriculum Review Committee is responsible for making suggestions for changes based on the recommendations of appropriate department chairs and academic deans provided through submittal of an Application for Course/Curriculum Change.  As an example of this process, effective Fall 2008, FTCC’s Office Systems Technology Department OST/Office Administration, per state mandate, increased course credit hours for OST 136 Word Processing from two (2) credits to three (3) credits. The FTCC Curriculum Review Committee recommended approval of the Application for Course/Curriculum Change as represented in the October 2008 meeting minutes.

Supporting Documentation

# Source Location
1 Combined Course Library
(Business Courses)

2 FTCC Catalog (Business Courses)

3 North Carolina Administrative Code
Title 23, Chapter 1

4 Delivery Formats (FTCC Schedule of Classes)

5 College Transcripts

6 Syllabus (Template)

7 Standardized Syllabus

8 Special Accreditations and Associations

9 Curriculum Procedures Reference Manual

10 Curriculum Review Committee

11 Application for Course/Curriculum Change

12 FTCC Curriculum Review Committee

13 Application for Course/Curriculum Change
(Office Systems Technology)

14 Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes

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