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3.7.3     The institution provides ongoing professional development of faculty as teachers, scholars, and practitioners. (Faculty development)

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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this statement. FTCC recognizes that professional development for all faculty is essential for the currency, relevancy, and quality of all educational programming.  The College provides faculty members with many professional development opportunities.


As outlined in the Faculty Handbook, FTCC’s professional development is threefold: (1) advanced studies in professional education courses in a field of specialization, (2) participation in professional groups, and (3) professional enhancement through workshops, seminars, and short courses.  The College requires all full-time instructors to complete Instructional Techniques, Instructional Design, Blackboard Boot Camp and Effective Online Teaching. The College offers professional development courses during the fall and spring semesters.  The Human Resources office maintains course records of completion and effectiveness.  

The College expects faculty members to take the initiative to plan for and enhance their professional growth.  The College requires a minimum of 30 contact hours of professional development activities per year, which can be acquired by attending FTCC’s Professional Development workshops.

Although the economic downturn has impacted professional development opportunities state-wide, faculty can engage in  tuition-free courses, tuition/required fee reimbursement, faculty merit pay increase for educational achievement, educational leave, return-to-industry, and specialized training.  In order to provide consistent training opportunities to its faculty, FTCC is moving towards more in-house professional development. The Vice President of Academic and Student Services has incorporated the expansion of this professional development into her assessment plan.   Evaluations of the professional development activities are available in the office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment.

Supporting Documentation

# Source Location
1 Faculty Handbook

2 Records of Completion

3 Effectiveness

4 Faculty Professional Development Workshops

5 Tuition-Free Courses

6 Tuition/Required Fee Reimbursement

7 Specialized Training

8 Assessment Plan


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