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2.9     The institution, through ownership or formal arrangements or agreements, provides and supports student and faculty access and user privileges to adequate library collections and services and to other learning/information resources consistent with the degrees offered. Collections, resources, and services are sufficient to support all its educational, research, and public service programs. (Learning Resources and Services)

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Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is in compliance with this core requirement. FTCC provides adequate learning-centered educational support services to all on-campus, off-campus, and distance education students through printed media, reference services, and web-based technologies.   Additional resources, which support student learning and instruction, are available through the Success Center, Media Services, the Interactive 3D (i3D) Education Center, Open Computer Labs in six locations, and numerous formal arrangements and cooperative agreements.


FTCC provides adequate library collections and other learning/information resources to students and faculty through the Paul H. Thompson Library, the Spring Lake Public Library Branch, and the Throckmorton Library at Fort Bragg Military Reservation.

The Paul H. Thompson Library, located at the main campus, provides faculty and students access and user privileges to a collection of over 68,604 book volumes, 359 magazine subscriptions, 7,416 audiovisual materials and electronic indexes. The publications and library services are listed in the Paul H. Thompson Library Annual Statistical Report FY 2008-2009.   FTCC Library hours of operation are adequate and allow for access by students and faculty.  In addition to the library collections, students have computer access in the library.  All FTCC academic departments are required to annually review departmental library holdings.

The Spring Lake Branch Library, located adjacent to the FTCC Spring Lake Campus, provides adequate instructional support for students and faculty at the Spring Lake Campus. Through the Branch Library, the Spring Lake Campus hosts 52,866 books, over 15,000 video/audio tapes; and computer, wireless, and Internet access.  The Spring Lake Branch Library provides adequate library staff support including a librarian assigned for FTCC students.

The John L. Throckmorton Library supports the instructional needs of FTCC students taking courses at Albritton Junior High and Irwin Intermediate Schools located on Fort Bragg.  The Library provides over 100,000 books, an Academic Learning Center with computer access, and a host of resources including references, interlibrary loan, and research materials. 

FTCC students and faculty are afforded access to library collections and learning resources not owned by FTCC through formal arrangements and cooperative agreements with the following:

North Carolina Libraries for Virtual Education (NC Live) is the premier statewide database, offering online access to complete articles from over 10,000 newspapers, journals, magazines and encyclopedias.  NC Live has over 24,000 electronic books. In addition to NC Live, FTCC students have access to the following electronic databases: Pro Quest Learning: Literature; Literary Reference Center; Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center; Social Issues Resource Services (SIRS) Researcher; Issues and Controversies; CQ Researcher: Science Resource Center; Gale Virtual Reference Library Biography Resource Center; Westlaw (access by faculty request) and Current Issues: Health.  For access, FTCC students may call or visit the library for passwords.

The FTCC Interactive 3D Education Center (i3D) is a learning objects repository that provides leading-edge training for faculty to build real-time, photo-realistic, i3D objects to present content to anyone at any time and location.  This new initiative was launched at FTCC in 2008 and is included in the pilot phase of the North Carolina Learning Object Repository (NCLOR) which contains learning resources that have been digitized – audio/video clips, 3D objects, simulations, learning modules and assessments. The NCLOR is a collaborative effort among the NC Community Colleges, University of North Carolina (UNC) system, NC Department of Public Instruction, NC Virtual Public School, and independent colleges and universities.

Media Services provides audio/visual support for traditional classroom and face-to-face instruction, production services, video conferencing, and two-way interactive video classes and meeting sessions in support of FTCC’s distance learning initiative.   Media Services also provides full-service video, audio, photographic, and web design services for FTCC faculty, staff and administrators, utilizing the latest in digital video, audio, and photographic technology, hardware, and software to provide the highest quality services available. Additional information on Media Services and the required form for requesting various services are on the Media Services website.

The Success Center at FTCC is a learning resource designed to provide enhanced educational opportunities to students enrolled in the College’s curriculum (college credit) or developmental studies courses.  Qualified Success Center instructors provide orientations to students in the use of the Center’s resources, which include course-specific computer software, audiovisual aids, and printed materials such as instructor-developed “handouts.”   Instructors also provide individualized instruction to students in a wide range of subjects including English, mathematics, science and accounting.  Computers are available to support instruction. 

College surveys confirm that the library and other learning resources meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff.  The Faculty/Administration/Staff Support Services Survey results showed a high satisfaction rate with Library Services (98.7%), Media Services (90.2%) and Success Center Services (96.7%).  The results of the Current Student Survey, administered in May 2009, showed a 96.7% satisfaction rate for “Quality of Library Resources and Services.”  The Graduate Survey showed a 98.8% satisfaction rate with “Quality of the Library.”

Supporting Documentation

# Source Location
1 Paul H. Thompson Library
Annual Statistics Report FY 2008-2009

2 FTCC Library Hours

3 Spring Lake Branch Library

4 John L. Throckmorton Library

5 North Carolina Learning Object Repository

6 Media Services

7 Course Instructor's Referral Form

8 Success Center

9 North Carolina Live (NC LIVE)

10 Community College Libraries in North Carolina

11 Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center (Spring Lake Branch to support the FTCC Spring Lake Campus)

12 Cape Fear Health Sciences Information Consortium

13 John L. Throckmorton Library on Fort Bragg

14 State Library of North Carolina

15 Electronic Databases

16 Faculty/Administration/Staff Support Services Survey

17 Current Student Survey

18 Graduate Survey

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